Tickets: Go back in time, Batavialand

Book your tickets now for an educational day at the Batavialand Museum. Dive into the history of former Dutch world travelers. Buy these tickets now for  €10,- instead of €16,-!

Golden Age:

Ship ahoy and Land in sight! Just a few cries from the Golden Age. Experience how things went on board of the ships of Dutch explorers who sailed the seas in search of new waterways, continents, and trade!

Museum Batavialand:

No amusement park, swimming paradise or zoo today? And are you still looking for a fun and interesting day out for the whole family? Then pay a super educational visit to a Museum Batavialand. The museum houses a real replica of an old VOC ship, the Batavia, which has been reconstructed one on one and resembles the real Batavia as it once sailed for the VOC.

Every age:

The museum is suitable for young and old. Together you can enjoy yourself interactively. Did you know that the ship departed on October 29th, 1628, for its first voyage? The purpose of this trip was to go to Batavia. The voyage first went to the Cape of Good Hope where almost six months later the ship docked safely. Shortly thereafter the ship left for Australia. There the ship went down on the west coast of Australia. The ship was full of valuables including gold and silver coins.

The story:

The Batavia is also known for the mutiny that arose after the ship stranded off the coast of Australia on Morning Reef. A part of the crew went sailing with a cutter to get help in Batavia. Another part remained. After the group who was getting help returned, mutiny appeared to have broken out in the remaining group of crew members.

Outlet Centre:

A visit to the Batavialand Museum can also be combined with a visit to the outlet center in Bataviastad.


Another possibility is to combine your visit to Museum Batavialand with a visit to Aviodrome, also in Lelystad. Dozens of different aircraft are exhibited here.

Click here to book your tickets for Aviodrome (€14.95).

Book your tickets for Tickets: Go back in time, Batavialand

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€ 10,=
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Oostvaardersdijk 01-09,
8242 PA Lelystad

Opening hours

Opening hours

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