Amsterdam Light Festival

amsterdam light festival

The Amsterdam Light Festival 2019. A pleasant and also very cosy atmosphere in dark days. View the most beautiful light creations from the water, in a luxury tour boat, while you can enjoy a snack and a drink. Order your voucher now through with a 51% discount so €19.50 instead of €40.-!

Experience this fantastic festival too. Step aboard one of the luxury tour boats of the Amsterdam Boat Experience. And view the most fantastic light sculptures from the water. Wonderfully rippling over the water with a glass of mulled wine in hand past the most fantastic and breathtaking light sculptures. This unique festival brings light into the dark days and also the shortest days of the year. If that is not enjoyment ?! Just like in previous years, the trip will take approximately 75 minutes.

amsterdam light festival 2019

The Amsterdams Light Festival:

Following the success of previous years, the 8th edition of the Amsterdams Light festival is now being held this year. Did you know that no fewer than 600 artists had registered for this festival? The jury eventually selected 32 artists and artists groups to be allowed to make a work of art for this 8th edition of the Amsterdams Lichtjes Festival.

exhibition of light

What can you expect:

This discount offer also includes this year:

  • entrance ticket for the Amsterdam Light Festival from the water in a covered and nicely heated boat
  • unlimited wine, soft drinks, beer, mulled wine and a slice of Christmas stollen
  • in the meantime, the skipper and hostess explain the works of art
let there be light

This year’s theme:

This year’s theme is called DISRUPT! Following the theme of this year, a different route will, therefore, be followed this year than in previous years. And there is now a break with the tradition of the route over the Herengracht.

cruise at the amsterdam light festival 2019

The artists:

Below you will find, among other things, the line-up of the 32 participating artists:

  • 72 and Sunny Creative Collective
  • Laila Azra
  • Alicia Eggert
  • Tom Biddulph and Barbara Ryan
  • Har Hollands
  • Ben Zamora
  • Utskottet
  • Maria Watjere, Wies Brand and Jasmijn Pielkenrood
  • Uxu Studio
  • Lucy McDonnell, Studio Vertigo
  • Karolina Katarzyna Howorko
  • Gabriel Lester
  • Krijn de Koning
  • Martin Ersted
  • Lambert Kamps
  • Sergey Kim
  • Wilhelmus Quick
  • Masamichi Shimada
  • The Republic of Amsterdam Radio and Nomad Tinker House
  • Marcus Neustetter
  • Michela Bonzi
  • Amigo and Amigo
  • Teatro Metaphora
  • OGE Group
  • Gali May Lucas
  • Felipe Prado
  • Koros Design
  • Peter Snijder
  • Serge Schoemaker
  • Frederike Top
  • Stefan Reiss

In short, a pretty international and mixed company! This allows you to enjoy limitlessly the most diverse and artistic creations.

Book your tickets for Amsterdam Light Festival

€ 19,99
per person

Book your tickets

€ 19,99
per person


Oosterdokskade 8
1011 AE Amsterdam

Opening hours

Opening hours

  • Saturday:16:45 20:05 18:25 21:45
  • Sunday:16:45 20:05 18:25 21:45
  • Monday:16:45 20:05 18:25 21:45
  • Tuesday:16:45 20:05 18:25 21:45
  • Wednesday:16:45 20:05 18:25 21:45
  • Thursday:16:45 20:05 18:25 21:45
  • Friday:16:45 20:05 18:25 21:45