Canal Cruise through Haarlem

See the historic city of Haarlem from the water’s edge. Book your entrance tickets for a Canal Cruise here and get on board for an educational trip on the water of the river De Spaarne.

Cruise from the Boothuys:

In Haarlem opposite the famous Teylers Museum is the Boothuys, the place where the boat departs for an approximately 50-minute cruise on the river De Spaarne. Optimal enjoyment of the city and its rich history.

Historical Haarlem:

Take a boat trip through the canals of historic Haarlem. During your trip you can see all kinds of historic buildings, beautiful mansions, mills and bridges passing by. Your boat trip is under the guidance of an experienced skipper. He can tell you everything about Haarlem, its history, the beautiful buildings that you will encounter, the canals that you will sail through and why the canals were laid out in a star pattern. He knows all kinds of fun and interesting facts!

The boat:

The boat is specially designed for this type of tour. As a result, you can see everything well and take the most beautiful photos. If the weather is good, the roof can also open and you can see the sights even better, but also hear the sounds of the historic city and smell the different urban scents. And of course your photos taken from an open roof Will come out much nicer!

Live guide and audio tour:

Your tour is accompanied by a live guide who you can ask anything, but you can also choose for an audio tour. This audio tour is available in the languages Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish.

The trip:

The trip takes approximately 50 minutes and the first boat leaves at 11 am. After that, there is a boat every 30 minutes from Friday to Sunday. And from Monday to Thursday there is a boat every hour.

Book your tickets for Canal Cruise through Haarlem

€ 13,50
per person

Book your tickets

€ 13,50
per person


Spaarne 11a
2011 CC Haarlem

Opening hours

Opening hours

  • Saturday:from 11.00 every half hour
  • Sunday:from 11.00 every half hour
  • Monday:from 11.00 every hour
  • Tuesday:from 11.00 every hour
  • Wednesday:from 11.00 every hour
  • Thursday:from 11.00 every hour
  • Friday:from 11.00 every half hour