Unique ambiance: Dinner Train through The Netherlands

Taste a new concept on the culinary field; The Dinner Train. This unique pop-up experience, as a train-restaurant, also comes close to you in the Netherlands where you are. 

Reserve your table now in this unique ambiance via Thingstodonetherlands.com and enjoy!

Dinner Train:

The Dinner Train is a train designed as a restaurant.

This unique pop-up experience departs on July 12th and drives till June 9th, 2020. The Dinner Train rides through the whole of the Netherlands and offers you the opportunity to enjoy culinary delights in a unique ambiance.

You can enjoy the passing landscape, various cities, and beautiful nature.

The Dinner Train departs at 37 different cities. So there is always a station near you where you can step on board and enjoy a 4-course menu during the train ride of 2 hours.

Dinner Train rides trough a tulip field

Depart Schedule:

The Dinner Train departs every week from a different city. The departure days during those weeks is from Wednesday to Sunday. So no Dinner Trains on Monday and Tuesday. In total, this unique train visits 37 cities,  nice where it gives his guests a warm welcome. The Menu:

There are different menus. These are depending on the city where you board the train and in which week you board. All the menus consist out of 4-courses of meat, fish or a vegan choice. Drinks can be ordered for an additional charge.

Tasty and cosy

Other Arrangements:

In addition to culinary enjoyment, you can also choose for two sorts of beer tastings or a nice wine arrangement. The Dinner Train is also ideal for company presentations, company outings, work meetings, team outings, or just socializing with friends or family. What could be nicer than discussing the annual figures and vision of your company with your team, while you enjoy culinary delights together and watch how the landscape passes by.

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Opening hours

Opening hours

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