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Take a interesting visit to the family Park of Friesland, AquaZoo in Leeuwarden. Experience a super fun and informative day for the whole family with the most diverse animal species.

Aqua Zoo: 

Come to the northern and water-rich Friesland and take a step into AquaZoo. In this water-rich zoo you can see funny waddling penguins on the beach, come face to face with the frightening looking Nile crocodiles and laugh at the mad antics and grinds of the Danish giant otters. 

New Animals: 

A number of new residents have recently come to live in the park. Among others, a few female pinche monkeys have come over from a zoo in Slovakia. Two male giant otters from a park In Denmark moved into the park, in addition to the 3 who already lived there. Last year there were already Nile crocodiles in the park and polar bears the year before.

Did you know: 

Did you know that AquaZoo has been nominated 3 times, by the Diamond theme park Awards? Don’t think that’s super great! We Sure! Aquazoo has been nominated for the best Zoo, the new crocodile company as best animal residence and the seal safari has also been nominated. On the website of AquaZoo You can vote to win the awards. And did you know that last year more than 155.000 visitors came to the park to enjoy the green water-rich park for a day?


Below you can find the daily program components:  

  • Every day at 11.30 there is the polar bear inspection.  
  • The penguins have their herring snack every day. On weekdays this is at 2.30 pm and on weekends, holidays and public holidays at 1.30 pm.  
  • The seal safari is daily on weekdays at 12.45 pm and on weekends, holidays and public holidays at 12.45 pm and at 3.45 pm.  *
  •  The sea lions present themselves daily on weekdays at 3.45 p.m. and also take into account    weekends, holidays and vacations, because they do so at 10.45 am and 2.30 p.m.  
  • The daily piranha food festival is at 2.30 p.m.

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per person


De Groene Ster 2
8926 XE Leeuwarden

Opening hours

Opening hours

  • Saturday:10.00 - 17.00
  • Sunday:10.00 - 17.00
  • Monday:10.00 - 17.00
  • Tuesday:10.00 - 17.00
  • Wednesday:10.00 - 17.00
  • Thursday:10.00 - 17.00
  • Friday:10.00 - 17.00