Boattrip through De Biesbosch N.P.

For a super fun boat trip for the whole family, you go to one of the most beautiful nature areas in the Netherlands. Order your departure tickets at with a 20% discount of €12.50 for only €10,=.

Zilvermeeuw tour:

Pay an exclusive visit to the most unique nature reserve in the Netherlands, National Park the Biesbosch. From the comfortable boats of De Zilvermeeuw, you have a beautiful view of the Biesbosch. Enjoy a 2-hour excursion in which the landscape of the Biesbosch passes you by. Step aboard the heated and equipped with all kinds of comfort boats and let the skipper tell you extensively and explain about this area and its natural inhabitants. The boat is equipped with a panoramic deck and if the weather gods are less inclined to you, you can stay inside in the heated boat. The boat is also equipped with a bar and a toilet.

De Biesbosch National Park:

The Biesbosch National Park is a unique, very water-rich part of the Netherlands with freshwater tides, creeks and willow forests. In this 90 km2 national park, recreation, agricultural use, and nature go well together. The national park itself consists of 4 different areas, namely:

  • Sliedrecht Biesbosch
  • Nederlandse Biesbosch
  • Brabantse Biesbosch (Zuidwaard)
  • Brabantse Biesbosch (Noordwaard)

As a wetland, the park is a foraging area for large groups of birds, which also provides them with good coverage and is therefore extremely suitable for nesting. In addition to birds, there are characteristic plants in the area, as well as a diversity of fish species and other animals.

NB: This offer is valid until 26 May 2019. Until that date, departure tickets can be ordered with a 20% discount. The tickets themselves can be used until 31 December 2019.

Departure times:

The sailings take place one or more times a day from Drimmelen. The departure times can vary per day. Check the site for the correct departure times.

Book your tickets for Boattrip through De Biesbosch N.P.

€ 10,=
per person

Book your tickets

€ 10,=
per person


Biesboschweg 2
4924 BB Drimmelen

Opening hours

Opening hours

  • Saturday:check the website for the departure times
  • Sunday:check the website for the departure times
  • Monday:check the website for the departure times
  • Tuesday:check the website for the departure times
  • Wednesday:check the website for the departure times
  • Thursday:check the website for the departure times
  • Friday:check the website for the departure times