Tickets: Johan Cruijff Arena tour and Heineken beer Experience

Book your tickets for a combined tour through the legendary Johan Cruijff Arena Stadium Tour and the Heineken Experience from €29.50.

Johan Cruijff Arena tour and Heineken Experience:

Experience a day in Amsterdam with, in and around two ultimate Amsterdam icons. These are a tour in which you learn everything from and around the holy ground of Ajax and the legendary namesake of the stadium, the world’s best football player ever, Johan Cruijff and the worldwide and economically of particular interest to our country, Heineken consortium, and its history.

The Ajax soccer stadium

Heineken Experience:

With this combined tour, you will make an approximately 90-minute tour through the Heineken Experience and learn all about the process of brewing beer. Have you ever tried to tap a beer? Here you learn what to think about when you want to pour a beer. Particularly take part in the interactive exhibition because that is really a laugh. And see for yourself the process of brewing beer to opening the crown cap at your home for the tube. Did you know, incidentally, that the Heineken brewery started brewing beer in 1867? That around tour makes for thirsty throats, they know all too well at Heineken; 2 glasses of beer or soft drinks are included in the excursion.

Heineken Experience

Johan Cruijff Arena:

Continue your day in a sporty way with a tour of the legendary Johan Cruijff Arena. High and low points on the holy ground. A guide will guide you through the home of Ajax. During this tour, you will be shown around and you will have exclusive access to, among other things, the changing rooms, the press room, the dug-outs, and the Ajax Gallery of Fame.

Johan Cruijff Arena tour

What is included in this combination tour:

  • – Access to the Heineken Experience
  • – 2 glasses of beer or soft drinks
  • – guided tour through the Johan Cruijff Arena


  • – A time slot applies to the Heineken Experience. Make sure you are present on time, otherwise you will see when there is room in another time slot.
  • – You can join the next tour at the Johan Cruijff Arena tour.

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Book your tickets for Tickets: Johan Cruijff Arena tour and Heineken beer Experience

€ 29,50
per person

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€ 29,50
per person



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Opening hours

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